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Ensuring Optimal Commercial Property Maintenance with Gold Shield Pro Services.

Irrespective of a commercial property's scale or category, the need for diverse maintenance practices remains paramount. This encompasses routine upkeeps, urgent fixes, and specialized assessments, often mandated by insurance entities. However, among these practices, preventive (or preventative) maintenance emerges as a cornerstone for safeguarding edifices, equipment, and surrounding landscapes.

Every commercial property mandates a level of maintenance to sustain uninterrupted operations and uphold safety standards. The bedrock of this approach lies in proactive maintenance, a methodology proven to extend the life expectancy of equipment and avert untimely breakdowns.


A strategic preventive maintenance (PM) strategy concurrently drives down the overall maintenance expenditures, diverging from the reactive maintenance mode notorious for unanticipated downtime and steep refurbishment costs.

The congruence among most commercial establishments extends to vital assets like plumbing, electrical setups, and mechanical apparatus. Nonetheless, specific structural genres entail distinct maintenance prerequisites. Our tailored PM programs encompass a spectrum, encompassing dedicated on-site personnel overseeing property care, while others advocate the engagement of a commercial property inspector to spearhead the inspection dimension within the maintenance framework.

At Gold Shield Pro Services, we stand as a beacon of excellence in comprehending the unique maintenance obligations commercial landscapes. Our proficiency as certified commercial property inspectors empowers us to undertake meticulous Commercial Building Inspections. We, at Gold Shield Pro Services, endeavor to be the preeminent among Rochester NY and Surrounding areas Commercial Property Inspection Companies. With a profound commitment to professionalism, we extend our Commercial Building Inspection Services, ensuring the longevity, functionality, and compliance of your commercial ventures.


The following systems and components are inspecting during our commercial building and property inspection service:

Commercial inspection website roof photo
  • Land and Site

  • Roof

  • Exterior

  • Decks and Balconies

  • Foundation and Structure

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical​​

  • ​Fire Protection

  • Insulation

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Interior

  • Storage

  • Life Safety

  • Cooking Area


At Gold Shield Pro Services, our experienced team specializes in thorough and reliable commercial building inspections. As a professional commercial property inspector, we adhere to the highest industry standards, including the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. Our certified expertise ensures that your property transaction is backed by a comprehensive assessment. When you choose Gold Shield Pro Services, you're choosing excellence in commercial building inspection services.

Commercial Properties SOP


Welcome to Gold Shield Pro Services, the leading name in Commercial Building Inspection. Our team of highly skilled professionals includes certified inspectors accredited by two prestigious organizations: We have undergone rigorous training, including comprehensive courses on the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. With this knowledge, I am fully equipped to provide exceptional and comprehensive commercial building and property inspections for our valued clients. When you choose Gold Shield Pro Services, you're choosing excellence in Commercial Property Inspection services.

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